Metropolitan Police Virus

This virus makes out that you have been watching porn of some kind or illegal downloads, it basically tells you there is a fine to pay of 50 sometimes more. This is a scam just trying to get your bank details and once you pay, it won't solve the issue. This virus can be very sneaky and hard to remove, the longer the virus is on the machine the harder it is to remove. This virus does however run from a single file sometimes multiple files hidden in the computers hard drive. Locations for the virus are normally at: C:\Users\USERNAME, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming, C:\Users\Public or C:\ProgramData
Once you have followed through the folders at the bottom of the the last folder there will be a funny item and worded with no sence for instance it may be gfjdenc.exe. Just delete it. You may have to unhide Hidden Files, Folders and Drives to view some of the folders which is explained how to do here in the Hidden Files, Folders and Drives.
This is best to do in safe mode as the virus normally blocks out everything. Accessing safe mode is found in the safe mode page.
Some users find it easier to use system restore and go back a couple of days/weeks instead of searching folders after folders for the virus. Find out how to access system restore by clicking here.
Once the items have been deleted run MBAM to finish off what ever damage the virus has done and to completely remove it. MBAM download link can be found from downloads page. It's best to run this program in safe mode then again later once everything has been removed in normal mode when you can install the updates for MBAM as you won't be able to update MBAM while in safe mode unless you use safe mode with networking.